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Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New

Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New
Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New
Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New
Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New
Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New
Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New

Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New    Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New

Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner 100V J apan Domestic Version New. This device is compatible with AC100V-240V. You can install the English program on the computer via the following link. There is no attached CD for software installment.

Please kindly download it in the official website. Equipped with a touch panel that can be used easily with intuitive operation. We realized from scanning to utilization with one touch. In addition, in pursuit of more comfortable scan, software is renewed to "ScanSnap Home". It automatically proposes a file name from the content of the scanned document and saves you the trouble of entering it.

Furthermore, "learning function" is equipped, and the more you use it, the data will be organized automatically as you desire. The basic functions of the scanner have also been improved based on customer feedback. Supports various documents around the body by supporting high-speed reading of A4 color both sides 30 min. (300dpi)", "manual scan", scanning of folded originals by "manual feeding", and "Wi-Fi 5 GHz band where stable communication can be performed for a more comfortable reading. Do what you want to do in just one touch!

Equipped with a touch panel for easy operation By icon registration to use, to your only ScanSnap Register the reading settings as an icon (profile) on the touch panel according to what you want to do. Just select the icon and one touch of the [Scan] button, you can do things such as organizing and utilization smoothly. Reading setting is completed only with touch panel You can change the main scanning settings such as color, resolution, single-sided / double-sided, and various settings on the touch panel. You can work with confidence because a message is displayed on the touch panel even when you need to perform subsequent operations. User interface available to teams and families Since the color of the icon can be changed for each user, it is easy to find your own icon and scan without hesitation even when used by a team or family member in a business scene. Innovative software Centralize everything with only ScanSnap Home ScanSnap Home is a completely new software exclusively for ScanSnap that assists in various situations, such as scanner settings and file management / utilization. From reading the manuscript, browsing, editing, management, search and cooperation to the application, as well as assisting with the generation and management of data by the learning function.

The more you use it, the more you like ScanSnap. Conveniently more convenient ScanSnap Home automatically performs sorting and character recognition just by scanning with ScanSnap. Where is that meeting material? The target information can be found immediately because it can be classified by full-text search or "original type / tag".

"I want to contact that person". How much did you spend this month? Since it automatically extracts amount information etc.

From scanned receipts, it is easy to manage expenses. In addition, you can register frequently used settings such as scan settings, save destination, and linked applications as a profile.

With about 20 templates and over 40 icons, you can edit the template as needed and combine it with the best icon to create your favorite profile. Stress free design Realizing high-speed scan of 30. 60 pieces per minute A4 color duplex originals are read at 30 sheets / 60. We realized stable high-speed reading when connected to smart devices as well as computers. The size, color, both sides and one side of a document can be automatically determined, and it is possible to digitize it simply and quickly.

Up to "Super Fine" mode (color / gray 300 dpi). Able to set up to 50 pieces of manuscript Up to 50 A4 documents can be set at one time. Feeding from the original below makes it easy to add originals even during scanning. It is very efficient if you scan a large number of documents at once.

You can set continuous scan to convert multiple readings into one PDF. Realizing stable paper feed The paper separation technology adopted by the "brake roller" is adopted, inheriting the paper feeding technology cultivated with the world's top market share commercial scanner. The originals can be sent out one by one at high speed, and multi-feed scanning errors can be suppressed. Japan and North America are aggregated by KEYPOINT INTELLIGENCE (InfoTrends) (2016 results) Based on document scanners aggregate total market share of 6 segments excluding Mobile / Micro (mainly document scanners with 8 ppm or more overall) Europe is share in Western Europe region (including Turkey and Greece) based on statistics of infoSource (2016 results) It is equipped with "ultrasonic method multi feed sensor" It is equipped with the "Ultrasonic multi-feed sensor" popular for professional scanners. It reliably detects multi-feed (paper feed with multiple sheets overlapping) and prevents problems in advance. Function to realize excellent transportability It is equipped with an excellent function to reduce skew (that the document is inclined and fed). The length of the "side guide (abutment of the document)" is sufficiently secured.

The pressure at the part where the document is separated (pressure with separation part) is increased. A document placed on top is a weight, and it uses the Trade-up feeding method with good feeding stability. Stress-free design that can be used quickly when you want to use We have pursued a comfortable operation that can be used simply and comfortably. Paper feed cover (document base).

A4 size paper can be set stably without taking out the extension. Pull out the stacker Make the lead straight and pull out with one action.

Able to use immediately when we want to use by high-speed start Realizing high-speed start within 2.9 seconds until we could read after opening paper feed cover (at the time of USB connection). You can use it immediately when you want to use it without feeling the wait time for startup.

In case of start mode = quick Improved document transport stability with "business card / receipt guide" Included a standard guide that streamlines the reading of small documents such as business cards and documents that are easy to curl such as receipts. Reduces the need for paper cleaning before and after reading.

Even with the "business card / receipt guide" attached, it is closed as it is. You can read regular documents even with the "business card / receipt guide" attached. Saving beautiful image data by "vertical muscle reduction" function Image processing reduces vertical streaks when vertical streaks appear in the image. Only vertical streaks that meet the detection conditions are reduced. When using ScanSnap Home or ScanSnap Cloud.

Compatible with Wi-Fi 2.4GHz / 5GHz band In addition to the commonly used 2.4 GHz band, it also supports the 5 GHz frequency band. The 5 GHz frequency band is resistant to radio interference and stable communication is possible. Even schools and companies operating only in the 5 GHz band can be used safely.

In the direct connection mode, only 2.4 GHz. Collaboration with the cloud ScanSnap Cloud "ScanSnap Cloud" is a service that directly connects scan data to various cloud services without using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Scanned documents are automatically identified as four types of "document", "business card", "receipt" and "photograph", and distributed to the cloud service that customers use and saved. Cooperation with mobile I want to put it freely.

I want to use it with everyone. With Wi-Fi, you can connect anywhere you like without using a USB cable. You are free from the hassle of routing and restrictions on the installation site. Of course, the functions and operability do not change with Wi-Fi connection or USB connection. The iX1500 can be shared by multiple computers, depending on the number of ScanSnap Home licenses. Able to use it at your favorite place right away. The iX1500 can connect computers and smart devices directly via Wi-Fi. Direct connection scan from mobile terminal is possible You can save it in PDF format or JPEG format directly to your smartphone / tablet via Wi-Fi connection without connecting iX1500 to your computer. Supported languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, e tc. Reading method: Automatic sheet feeding mechanism (ADF), both sides simultaneous reading (automatic sheet feeding mode, manual feed / single feed mode) Reading mode: single side / both sides, color / gray / black and white / automatic (automatic identification of color, gray, black and white) Optical system / image sensor: SELFOC lens equal magnification optical system / color CIS × 2 (front × 1, back × 1) Light source: RGB 3 color LED Optical resolution: 600 dpi Reading speed (A4 vertical) Auto resolution mode: both sides single side 30 pieces / minute Normal: Color / gray 150dpi, black and white 300dpi equivalent: both sides-single side 30 sheets / minute Fine: Color / gray 200dpi, black and white 400dpi equivalent: both sides single side 30 sheets / minute Super fine: Color / gray 300dpi, black and white 600dpi equivalent: both sides single side 30 sheets / minute Excellent: Color / Gray 600 dpi, Black and white 1200 dpi equivalent: Both sides One side 8 sheets / minute Not supported when using ScanSnap Cloud. Please contact the respective post services for more information. When using EMS(Japan Post), if the item comes with a battery, the battery has to be inserted into the body for Japan post policy. We have to declare the actual price and details in the invoice for our company's policy. We are sorry that we could not declare lower price in the invoice or mark the package as a gift or used item. Please make sure to write "Return Item" on the dispatch slip paper when sending back the item to us. Simply, we divide the cases by 2 categories.

Item repairs are carried out by the manufacturers here in Japan. If it is going to take longer we will contact you.

Items that have been damaged from actions such as drops, self repair, non maintenance damage, water damage, damage caused by misuse are out of free repair scope. 1 Can you lower the value in the invoice or mark it as a gift? We cannot undervalue the products or mark them as gift/used item, as it is prohibited by the law. 2 What Japan model means? It means Japan domestic market model. 3 Can you send me an English manual?

English manual can be found and downloaded online. If you can not find English manual, please let us know. We cannot do so in order to keep brand new condition. If you have problems with changing the settings, please let us know. 5 Is the item genuine and brand new?

All our products are genuine and brand new in original boxes. We do not sell fake/used items. 6 Is the box factory sealed? There are items that come sealed by manufacturers. There are also items come unsealed. No matter if the product comes sealed or unsealed, it is brand new and unopened.

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  • Model: FI-IX1500
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Input Type: Color
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: Fujitsu

Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New    Fujitsu FI-IX1500 ScanSnap Color Image Wi-Fi Scanner Japan Domestic Version New